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Testimony from the Autumn Student Retreat 2009

Testimony from the Autumn Student Retreat 2009"Let us start rebuilding."
Nehemiah 2:18

The UK Campus students descended upon Oxford for the weekend of the 14th and 15th of November to celebrate the first UK Campus Retreat in years.

The retreat kicked off on Saturday afternoon; beginning as it should with some awesome worship, lead by Ian Mohlie and Alex Mankoo and then straight into an insightful lesson by Richard Bailey; sharing from his time on campus and laying down some valuable practical advice for reaching out to the lost on campus. The students then shared their dreams and visions for their campuses, including the success they have already seen God achieving: the perfect way to begin the retreat.

The lesson was followed by a competitive scavenger hunt throughout Oxford. The Macartneys organised it and had us finding many items and landmarks within an hour and photographing them. Items on the list included everything from the Oxford library, to a man with ginger hair! It was a great, fun way to fellowship and see the beautiful city of Oxford.

Dinner followed rather quickly after the scavenger hunt (in no part Ian Mohlieís groupís fault for getting lost!) The group divided up and went off in smaller groups to enjoy some fellowship over food; in mine and Tom Hillís case a very nice steak!

The Saturday night evening entertainment saw the Student Talent show and a very talented group they were! It was also good to see those not participating using their talents of encouragement!

Sunday morning began well with a full English breakfast. God brought the sun shine and enabled us to enjoy great prayer walks down by the canal and a great time of fellowship with one another and God.

The worship service was blessed with a heartfelt, powerful communion by our brother Joey Stearns, all the way from Miami, Florida. Manchesterís finest, Huw and Raquel Macartney, then lead us in a very inspiring and thought provoking sermon on making the most of our unique opportunity on our campuses: a reminder of the purpose and mission God has given to us. The end of the service marked the official ending of the retreat but as you can well imagine the fellowship went on well into the afternoon!

Our desire is to have a campus retreat each term, to serve as a great time of encouragement for all midterm. Last weekendís retreat certainly served its purpose.
Please be praying for us all as we go back to our campuses; as we strive to glorify God in all we do and fight to bring people on our campuses back to a relationship with God. To God be the glory!

Dave Mobbs