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North West London International Church of Christ

Camper of the year

Camper of the year

We are very proud of Phoebe Oshunbiyi. At the pre-teen camp this year she was voted ‘camper of the year’. She received this award because she exhibited the fruits of the Spirit in a way that was an inspiration to the other pre-teens and the adults. T



My morning prayer-walk often takes me past a tree and an obscured sign. I looked at it more closely today. It is something about not cycling or motorcycling on the common. The ivy has grown over it so that the exact instructions are hard to read. The

From Russia to London to Find God

From Russia to London to Find God's Love

On Monday the 1st of June, we received another international addition to our London family in the form of our new sister in Christ, Nadya Yugay! To give a little background to those who have not had the pleasure of speaking with her yet, Nadya mo

UK and Ireland Leadership Conference

The next UK & Ireland leadership conference will be held January 9th - 10th at Brentwood Holiday Inn. The full program and registration details will be online by the end of November. Visiting speakers will include Mike and Terrie Fontenot.

NW Link to Site

Please click on the link below to be taken to NWLCC's own site: North-West London Christian Church

Church Contact Details

Name: Kerry Mathurin
Email: [email protected]

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