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Braveheart First International Campus Conference in UK 2010

Braveheart First International Campus Conference in UK 2010"Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord."
--Jehu, King of Israel
2 Kings 10:16

After a long period of anticipation, the day had finally arrived for the students to unite for our first
International Campus Ministry Conference! Stirling, Scotland was our destination and with it being
the land of the Scottish legend William Wallace the theme of ‘Braveheart’ for the conference was

Friday morning saw a group of us travel up to Scotland from London by coach, though some
travelled by plane, we thought it only right to make our way the cheapest and most student-like
way possible bar perhaps hitchhiking. Only kidding, but it did allow for some lengthy fellowship on
our ride up which is always a blessing. Once we arrived at Stirling University’s Campus, our beautiful
venue for the conference, I could feel a great spirit amongst all the disciples. We were blessed
to have the Edinburgh and Glasgow churches with us as well as Hope Youth Corps for the first
evening of singing followed by a challenging and practical lesson on Urgency for each other by Andy
Fleming. After that we shared some fellowship on the way to our accommodation where we’d be
staying for the next few nights. It didn’t stop once we reached our dorms either; the talking went on
for a while into the night but though the spirit was willing, our bodies were weary from the 9 hour
journey so we called it a night. That was just the opening night; I was so excited for the next day’s
activities, lessons and fellowship that I could’ve stayed up all night!

Saturday morning saw the brothers and sisters enjoy a devotional together, singing to God with a
great spirit which had followed on from the night before upon our arrival. We then split the men and
women into different rooms, so in the men’s class we had short and practical lessons on the themes
of compassion, zeal and perseverance by Chen Gutu, Tom Hill and Dave Mobbs. Next up were the
sports where we had the introduction of Ninja, an absolutely epic game of Ultimate Frisbee and
football on the large outdoor pitches. Then Ian Mohlie delivered a lesson on building ministry which
was followed by a mass spaghetti Bolognese cooking session with Tammy Fleming orchestrating
it. After a great meal, little did we know what we were in for as the sports played that afternoon
were a mere warm up session compared to the Céilidh that evening! Spinning around till you were
dizzy as well as remembering the steps was a tough ask but by the end we were all loving it and
incorporating our own flair into some of the moves. Some songs seemed to go on for ages, but the
night was still young so we had segments where we showcased our talents for God and also for our
own enjoyment. Singing and poetry filled the room with a great atmosphere and you could feel the
spirit was growing within each of us and within the whole conference. What a day! After all that
dancing we were beat, but also hungry so after some more food and fellowship we retired to our
rooms for the last time.

On Sunday we rejoined the Scottish churches and enjoyed a refreshing service where we even
had a brother sing an uplifting song which I still sing to myself even now about being fearless. The
feeling I had on Sunday returning to London was one of hope and of a call to really be urgent for
my brothers and sisters and well as being confident of the impact I can have at university when I go
back in October. To have that Braveheart mentality to not fear or allow myself to be discouraged
but to encourage others and myself with scriptures like Gal 6:9, so let us not grow weary by doing
good brothers and sisters, but let us follow Rom 12:21 and overcome evil with good! Armed with
this mentality and spirit, I can’t wait to see where God leads us as students and I already have other
people excited about attending next year’s conference. And for all that, to God be the glory. Amen.

Tim Ajetunmobi